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Crackling Birch Candle


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Introducing "Crackling Birch," a captivating fragrance that evokes memories of cozy moments by an old farm wood stove. Immerse yourself in the comforting aromas of simmering potpourri.


Crackling Wood Wick

100% Soy Wax Candle

Handcrafted in Ontario

  • Top notes: Cinnamon, Cedar bark
  • Mid notes: Nutmeg, Sugared spruce
  • Base notes: Amber musk, Sandalwood

Experience the rustic charm of "Crackling Birch," where the heartwarming scents of a crackling fire and simmering potpourri on an old farm wood stove come alive. Embrace the nostalgic embrace of this fragrance as it envelops your space with its inviting aura.

At the top, the enchanting combination of cinnamon and cedar bark sets the stage, infusing the air with a delightful blend of spice and woody warmth. Close your eyes and picture yourself nestled by the fire, the gentle crackle of birch wood filling the room.

Mid notes of nutmeg and sugared spruce dance harmoniously, adding a touch of sweetness and an earthy freshness reminiscent of a winter wonderland. Imagine the scent of freshly cut spruce branches adorned with a dusting of sugar, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes of amber musk and sandalwood emerge, casting a soothing and grounding aura. Allow the warmth of amber musk to embrace you, while the woody richness of sandalwood creates a serene backdrop, inviting relaxation and tranquility.

Unwind and let "Crackling Birch" transport you to a world of rustic serenity. This luxurious candle captures the essence of cherished moments by the wood stove, enveloping your space in a cozy ambiance that invites you to slow down and savour life's simple pleasures.

Ignite the enchantment of "Crackling Birch" and let its captivating scent recreate the comforting embrace of an old farm wood stove, infusing your space with the soothing aromas of cranberry, smoke, spice, and wood.